We are moving forward with the expectation that we will hopefully be able to offer the residential KILT program during summer of 2021.  However, we will advise all in the program of the latest safety precautions/program changes as we get closer to camp, and how that will shape the KILT program for this upcoming summer.  


Please note that KILTs who were accepted into the 2020 KILT Program do NOT need to reapply for 2021 -- you are already accepted for Summer 2021 if you kept your $250 deposit with us.  If you are not sure, please email us at:  If you did not pay/keep your $250 deposit with us, please reapply as a returning KILT applicant.

If you are a 1st-year KILT applicant, please know that spots will be very limited this summer, especially for Session 2, but you may be eligible to join us as a Guest KILT if your family will be attending camp this summer (which would count as 1-year towards your KILT graduation).  Also, due to the ongoing pandemic, we have decided to waive the reference requirement for our 1st-year applicants.

Overall, we are very encouraged that vaccinations will help us to offer a return to our residential KILT Program for the Summer of 2021.  However, we will have to wait and see how the vaccine process rolls out to see if our teen KILTs and young adult staff will be vaccinated by the time camp begins.  If vaccines are widely available, we will most likely require teens to be vaccinated for Covid-19 in order to attend the residential KILT program.  If not, we may have some sort of hybrid KILT program where we feel we can maintain safety for our KILTs, staff and guests.  At a minimum we plan to offer a Guest KILT Program, similar to the successful program offered in Summer of 2020, with graduation ceremonies for those KILTs who would have graduated last summer, along with those who would have graduated this summer, if the pandemic did not change the program in Summer 2020.


Please be patient while we sort through the latest safety protocols and updates as we get closer to our summer family camp season.  We are very hopeful with the many vaccines on the horizon, but we will always prioritize the safety of our KILTs, staff & Guests first and foremost!  (Please see below for more program info)




Sessions & Rates


Montecito 2021 KILT Sessions & 2021 Tuition Rates

(Three 3-Week Sessions)


Session 1:  June 20 - July 10

(Family Camp Weeks 2-4)

Tuition:   $2,195 plus 12% tax per KILT*


Session 2:  July 11 - July 31

 (Family Camp Weeks 5-7) 

Tuition:   $2,195 plus 12% tax per KILT*


Session 3:  August 1 - August 21

 (Family Camp Weeks 8-10)

Tuition $1,995 plus 12% tax per KILT*


*Note:  Tuition fee is per each 3-week session and does not include taxes and fees, or transportation costs.  There will be a non-refundable $250 deposit due upon acceptance into the program (paid no later than April 10, 2021 in order to guarantee your teen's spot in the KILT program).  The $250 deposit will be applied toward your teen's tuition;  We are sorry but there is no pro-rating of tuition if your teen arrives late or leaves the program early.


2021 KILT Applications Timeline


  • January 1, 2021:  The 2021 KILT application will be available online for applicants to submit their application.  (Note:  KILTs accepted into the 2020 KILT program, do NOT need to reapply for KILTs 2021 as long as they left their $250 deposit with us to hold their spot).

  • January 1 - March 1, 2021:  Rolling admissions period; similar to many colleges, we look at applications as they come in, until all the spaces in the KILT program are filled.  Applying early gives your teen the best chance to gain acceptance into the program, although is no guarantee as we have more applicants than spots available.  

  • March 1, 2021:  Returning KILTs automatically accepted into the 2021 program need to pay the balance of their tuition in order to retain their spot in the program by March 1st, 2021.

  • April 1, 2021:  Accepted 1st-year KILT applicants will be notified via email by April 1, 2021.  The $250 application fee is due upon acceptance into the program and must be paid by April 10, 2021 to guarantee your KILT's spot in the program.  

  • May 1, 2021:  1st-year KILTs must pay their tuition balance by May 1st, 2021, along with your teen's KILT Paperwork (which will be sent to KILTs upon the offer of acceptance to the program).


Montecito Sequoia KILT Program 


The Montecito Sequoia KILT Program (Campers In Leadership Training) is a work experience and leadership training program for high school teens, designed to prepare them for their first real jobs and the college admissions process.  KILTs learn leadership skills, gain experience in working with children, develop good work habits, and have some serious fun!  


Participants must be at least entering their freshman year of high school, and under the age of 18 during their KILT session, in order to be eligible for the program; There are openings for 10 teens in our boys' cabin and 10 teens in our girls' cabin for each 3-week residential session.


Due to the Pandemic, First-time/New KILT applicants in 2021 do not need to provide references or personal recommendations (waived for 2021 only).


Personal Qualifications

Applicants should have either previous camping experience or have lived away from home for three or more weeks.  They should enjoy the camp environment and routines, and be eager to build leadership and work-related training skills.  We seek teens who are healthy, energetic, excited about learning, and capable of assuming responsibilities.  They must be of fine character, and mature to the point where they are able to concentrate on developing leadership skills instead of focusing on personal problems.  It is essential that KILTs be good role models for the children and young people in camp.  As such, they must have patience, enthusiasm, the highest level of personal integrity, and dress and act appropriately.


Program Details

Girls and boys in the program live in separate cabins under the direct supervision of the KILT Director and KILT Counselor (KILT Mom or Dad).  KILTs are assigned to approximately 4-6 hours of responsibility each day.


During each year in the program, KILTs learn specific skills within each activity area.  A first year KILT will gain general knowledge of all activities offered at camp.  In subsequent years, returning KILTs spend more time at activities of their choosing to develop expertise, and are eventually able to lead activities on their own.


Leadership training occurs through scheduled workshops and supervised practical experiences.  


 Workshops include:

  • Basics of child growth and development

  • Counseling techniques/observations

  • Inter- and Intrapersonal communication skills.

  • Group dynamics

  • Leadership styles, characteristics, and responsibilities

  • Self-growth through personal responsibility

  • Development of song-leadership skills (ie. Pow Wow, Campfire, Coffee House)

  • Opportunities to perform/host events (ie. Variety Show or Coffee House)


Practical work experience includes:

  • Working in our children's programs

  • Assisting counselors in specified activities; learning to take direction

  • Special event presentation & coordination

  • General family camp maintenance, cleanliness & camp beautification projects

  • Participation in evening programs, campfires and pow-wows.


At the end of their 3-Week Session, each KILT will meet with our KILT Director/KILT Counselor to review their job performance and discuss ways to improve.  They will also be given a written evaluation by a Counselor with whom they worked closely during their session.


KILTs should plan to arrive by 3:00 pm the Sunday their session begins and depart by 12 Noon the Saturday their session ends.  Transportation from Fresno International Airport or the Amtrak station is available for an additional fee.  KILTs who plan to arrive the Saturday before their session begins must be chaperoned by a parent for the night, and must book a lodge room or cabin at Montecito, or elsewhere in the parks.  KILT parents coming to pick up their child, who plan to stay the Friday night before, or who plan to watch their 4-year KILT graduation, must book a room at our sister property, Stony Creek Lodge, or elsewhere in the parks, if not already attending Family Camp during your teen's KILT graduation.



KILT Graduation

After successfully completing 4-years in the program, a KILT is eligible to graduate and promote to an honorary counselor, and receive their official "camp" name.


KILT graduation usually takes place the Thursday evening prior to the end of each KILT session.  We recommend that Parents of graduating KILTs, who are not already attending Family Camp during the week your teen graduates, book a room at our sister property, Stony Creek Lodge, or elsewhere in the parks, if planning to attend the graduation.  We do invite parents of graduating KILTs to join us at Montecito for complimentary meals and activities, from Thursday evening through Saturday morning of your KILT's graduation week.


Please remember to BOOK EARLY if you are planning to stay in the parks, as rooms sell out fast during the summer season. 




Questions regarding the KILT program?  




KILT PROGRAM (Admin/Paperwork/Deposit Checks)


Montecito Sequoia Lodge KILT Program

P.O. Box 1489

Carmel Valley, CA  93924-1489


(use P.O. Box for US Mail; Street address for FED EX/UPS deliveries)


To:  Name of your KILT

c/o Montecito KILT Director

63410 Generals Hwy./P.O. Box 858

Kings Canyon National Pk., CA  93633

(Phone:  559-565-3388)