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 Family Camp

Evening Events

Montecito Sequoia's Family Camp Evening & Special Events 


At Montecito's Summer Family Camp, we take your FUN seriously!  


That's why in addition to all the fantastic daytime activities we offer, we also host a series of Special Events throughout your stay, designed to make your vacation even more special.  


Make sure to check out the Schedule of Special Events that you can experience every week during Family Camp below (Note:  This schedule was based on our 2019 Family Camp Special Events Schedule; we sometimes bring in new events, or change/drop existing events, to keep things exciting and interesting for our returning families).


Every Family Camp week features a different THEME NIGHT DANCE PARTY.  Since many of our guests return with their families, year after year, we rotate our theme nights to keep the fun fresh & festive!  To get the most enjoyment out of this event for your family, we recommend that you bring a simple costume related to that week's theme, or you can look for something to wear in our costume room, or make a simple accessory at Arts & Crafts during your week at camp.


In addition to the weekly themed dance party, we host a variety of events, sure to please the entire family.  Don't forget to bring your instrument to play at our Open-mic Coffee House Event, and why not perform a family skit for our All-Camp Variety Show?  Participation is optional at all events, so if you just want to sit back and enjoy, or relax in the hot tub, it's totally up to you!


Whether you're getting to know the other guests at our Welcome Wine & Cheese Reception on Sunday, or tearing up the dance floor with your partner and kids at the weekly Theme Dance Party, or bonding more closely with your children at the Campfire Sing-a-longs, Montecito will provide opportunities for many special memories that your family will remember long after your vacation ends.  


In fact, we know we've done our job well when your little ones cry when it's time to leave Montecito - yeah, sometimes they really do that -  but you can always come back!



Sample Weekly Schedule:


3:00 - 5:00 pm:  Welcome Table; Family Camp Guest Check-in

Afternoon:  Welcome Reception Social

Evening:  Welcome Meeting

Night:  Campfire Sing-a-long


4th period:  Margarita Monday - Adult Mixer; complimentary Margaritas

Afternoon:  Lake Swim

Evening:  Montecito Carnival Night

Night:  Bears Overnight (ages 13 - 18)

Evening:  Campfire Sing-a-long


Afternoon:  Lake Swim

Evening:  Free Choice Night (featuring Baldy Night Hike & Movie for children)

Night: Cougars Overnight (ages 11 & 12)

Night:  Campfire Sing-a-long


Afternoon:  Lake Swim

Evening:  Theme Dance Party

Night:  Bobcat Overnight (ages 9 & 10)

Night:  Campfire Sing-a-long  


Afternoon:  Lake Swim

Evening: Coffee House

Night:  Marmot Overnight (ages 7 & 8)


4th period:  Lake Swim & Beach Party

Evening:  Variety Show

Night:  Campfire Sing-a-long


Morning:  All-Request Pow-Wow & Awards

11:00 am:  Family Camp Guest Check Out Time

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Weekly Event Schedule
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Theme Dance Party
Welcome Wine & Cheese Reception
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