Montecito Sequoia Lodge

& Summer Family Camp


63410 Generals Highway

Kings Canyon National Park, CA  93633

(NOTE: Do NOT rely on GPS; see map & directions)


Front Desk:  1-559-565-3388, press "0"

NPS Road Conditions:  1-559-565-3341 (press 1, 1)


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Montecito Sequoia Lodge & Summer Family Camp is located inside the Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park gates, along the Generals Hwy (aka Hwy 198), which is the road in between the parks, connecting Kings Canyon to Sequoia (see map).  While Montecito is actually located on Sequoia National Forest land, you will need to pay the Parks Entrance Fee to drive to our lodge.  Visitors pay only one entrance fee to visit both Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. 


NOTE:  Many online/GPS mapping systems will suggest that you take Hwy 245.  Do NOT take Hwy 245!  It is a very winding road that will take you an additional hour to get to Montecito!


Google MAP 


GPS Coordinates:  

36°41'42"N, 118° 52'22"W



We alway recommend entering the parks at the Northern entrance ("Big Stump" entrance; via Hwy 180), especially in Winter when a portion of Hwy 198 may be closed between the parks, not allowing you access to Montecito from the Southern entrance.  


Additionally, due to our remote location, some GPS systems will send you the long way up to the parks.  Make sure your GPS follows the directions below to keep your drive as short as possible.  Do NOT take Hwy 245, as it is a long & winding road that will add an extra hour to your drive!


From the North:


Take Hwy 99 South to Hwy 180 East (Kings Canyon, Exit 133).  Follow Hwy 180 East all the way to the Big Stump/Kings Canyon National Park Entrance.  Once you pay your entrance fee, continue on Hwy 180.  Take the 1st RIGHT-hand  turn onto the Generals Highway (aka Hwy 198; direction Sequoia National Park & General Sherman Tree). Drive 7.5 miles, then turn RIGHT at the Montecito Sequoia Lodge (aka Montecito Lake Resort) Entrance sign.  Follow signs to the Main Lodge.


From the South:


Take Hwy 99 North to Hwy 198 East (exit 96) towards Visalia/Sequoia Park.  After 6.3 miles, take Hwy 63 North/Central Visalia (Exit 107A).  Go 0.2 miles and stay straight to go onto Hwy 63 North (NOTE:  Hwy 63 is comprised of surface streets from Visalia to Squaw Valley, but is still the fastest route to Montecito from Southern CA).  Turn LEFT onto Hwy 63 N (Court Street North).  Continue to follow Hwy 63 North for 20.8 miles.  Turn LEFT onto Hwy 63 (Avenue 460), and continue for 0.9 miles.  Turn RIGHT onto Hwy 63 (S Hills Valley Rd.) and continue for 8.3 miles.  Turn RIGHT onto Hwy 180 East.  Follow Hwy 180 East for 15 miles to the Big Stump/Kings Canyon National Park Entrance.  Once you pay your entrance fee, continue on Hwy 180.  Take the first RIGHT onto the Generals Highway (aka Hwy 198; direction Sequoia National Park & General Sherman Tree).  Drive 7.5 miles, then turn RIGHT at the Montecito Sequoia Lodge (aka Montecito Lake Resort) Entrance sign.  Follow signs to the Main Lodge.  


Alternative Hwy Route:  You may take Hwy 99 North to Hwy 41 North to Hwy 180 East as an alternate route to the parks "Big Stump" entrance (it will take you an additional 1/2 hour, but it is mostly highway driving versus surface streets).  


Accessing Montecito via the Sequoia Park Entrance:  Entering the Parks from the Southern entrance (via Hwy 198/Sequoia Park Entrance) is very scenic, but will take you much longer to reach Montecito, and we absolutely DO NOT recommend taking this route in Winter, as the section of road between the parks often closes for much of the Winter and you will not be able to access Montecito from the south when the road between the parks is closed.  AdditionallyDO NOT Take Hwy 245 at any time of year as an alternate route, as it is VERY windy, and will take much longer than the other routes (an extra hour or more).


Winter Escort-only Service into Montecito:


  • Before your trip, check our Weather Forecast and call the NPS Road Conditions Hotline.   Bring your tire chains, even if you have 4WD or AWD, or you may not be able to enter the parks.

  • Call our Front Desk (1-559-565-3388, press "0") before you leave home, to see if we are on "Escort-only Service" into Montecito.  If we are on escort service, you will need to make a reservation for our escort caravan with our Front Desk (complimentary to our guests), so that we know you will be coming.

  • Plan to arrive via the Northern/Kings Canyon "Big Stump" Entrance to the parks via Hwy 180 no later than 4:30 pm; (There is usually no access to Montecito via the Sequoia "Ash Mountain" Entrance to the south via Hwy 198 during the Winter months). 

  • All vehicles meet in front of the Grant Grove Village Market & Post Office by 4:30 pm, and depart by 5:00 pm to be escorted into Montecito.  

  • Grant Grove Village is located on Hwy 180 approximately 3 miles beyond the Northern "Big Stump" Entrance to the parks (see map).

  • Keep an eye on our Facebook page for Winter Travel Info!


For more details:  See Montecito Winter Travel Information & Winter Escort FAQs documents.

Winter Travel Advisory:  

You can only access Montecito via the Northern "Big Stump" Entrance, via Hwy 180, in the Winter & you must carry Tire Chains!  Do NOT rely on GPS!

Check the weather forecast in advance of your trip so you are prepared!  If there is a snowstorm predicted during your stay, you may get snowed in until the roads are safely plowed/cleared, so we recommend bringing extra supplies with you just in case (such as medications, diapers, wipes, baby formula, etc.).


Call our Front Desk before you leave home to see if we are on "Escort-only" Service into Montecito due to snow:  1-559-565-3388, press "0". 


Escorts meet at 4:30pm in Grant Grove Village (in front of the Grant Grove Village Market & Post Office) and caravan into Montecito at 5pm.  Grant Grove Village is located on Hwy 180, approximately 3 miles beyond the parks Northern "Big Stump" Entrance (see map).  Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to arrive early for our escort!



National Park Service New Entrance Fees for Sequoia & Kings Canyon Nat'l Parks:

Effective Jan 1, 2019

$35 per vehicle (7-days of access)

Sequoia & Kings Canyon Annual Pass:  $70  

'America the Beautiful' Annual National Parks Pass:  $80



'Every Kid In A Park' Pass:  Free to 4th graders & their families;  

you must print out your pass and bring it with you: 

Click here for Every Kid In A Park Pass


Senior Pass:  $80 (Lifetime access to all federal recreation sites for U.S. Citizens, or permanent residents, 62 years or older)



TEL: 800-227-9900




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Montecito Lake Resort, LLC, is a recreation partner with the Sequoia National Forest on a non-discriminatory basis.